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Jan - Mar 2004

29 Mar Caston District AGM, South West Norfolk
27 Mar Multicultural Symposium, Southend-on-Sea
26 Mar North East Cambridgeshire AGM
26 Mar Michael Howard Lunch, Ipswich
25 Mar Michael Howard Reception, Norwich
24 Mar Michael Howard Dinner, Royston
19 Mar South Norfolk AGM
19 Mar Youth Conference on Europe, Norwich
19 Mar Canvass in Norwich Market
12 Mar Visit to local businesses in Harlow, Essex
12 Mar Central Suffolk & North Ipswich AGM
11 Mar Canvassing for Suffolk Coastal by-election
11 Mar Suffolk Coastal Executive Council Meeting
5 Mar Visit to Sugar Beet Farmer, Kedington, Sflk
5 Mar East Bergholt Branch AGM, South Suffolk
5 Mar Regional Media Briefing, Stansted
3 Mar PMQs at House of Commons, London
2 Mar Address East Norfolk College, Gt Yarmouth
1 Mar Eastern Region CWC Conference, Duxford
28 Feb Haverhill Market Stall on EU Referendum
27 Feb South Suffolk Supper Club, Sudbury

Nov 2003
5 Nov   Industry & Parliamt Trust Conf, Brussels
6 Nov   Visitors group of Norfolk School children
6 Nov   SME Union debate on Entrepreneurship
14 Nov Thorpe St. Andrew engagement
24 Nov Multicultural Conference, Luton
25 Nov Bury St. Edmunds CPF
26 Nov Hemel Hempstead CWC
27 Nov Commission Conf on Sustainable Energy
28 Nov Huntingdon Conservative Association Winter Ball


Jun - Oct 2003

July 2 BK host to Unilever dinner
      4  Speaking at WI Costessey
          Speaking at North Walsham BBQ
     7-8 Attending ACP-EU Meetings, Brussels
       9  Panel Speaker at TechCentral Conf, Brussels
July 14 - August 24 Summer Recess
Sep 9 Meeting at House of Lords, London
      12 Attending Eastern Region EUW AGM, Herts
   15-16 EPP-ED Group Meetings, Madrid
      17 Speaking at Ipswich CPF Meeting
      18 Speaking at EUW Cambs Meeting
   24-26 Speaking at Phramceutical Conf, Budapest
Oct 1 Speaking at Royal Soc of Chemistry, Norwich
       3 Speaking at EUW Norwich & King's Lynn
    6-9 Conservative Party Conference, Blackpool
  11-15 Attending EU-ACP Meetings, Rome
  16-19 Speaking at Interfaith Conf, Istanbul
  30-31 Speaking at Pharmaceutical Conf, Sofia


Jan - Jun 2003

8-12 Jan Visit to Ethiopia to report on famine crisis
16         Speaking at e-Business workshop, Athens
17         Speaker at Mid-Norfolk Dinner
30         Meeting with Breckland District Council
3 Feb   House of Lords Lunch prize for constituents
19        Meeting with Iain Duncan Smith, Brussels
20        Meeting with Theresa May, Brussels
1 March  Speaking at Suffolk Coastal Conference
4            Norwich City Council Visit to Brussels
7            Business Link Meeting on EU Funding, Reepham
17          Suffolk College Visit to Brussels
21          Question Time Euro Debate with David Dimbleby, London
1-3 April Brazaville, ACP Conference
5           Canvassing in Haverhill, West Suffolk
10         Canvassing in Bury St. Edmunds
28-30     EU:Azerbaijan PCC Meeting, Baku
18 May  Appearance on the Politics Show, BBC
24         Speaking at 40th Anniversary Dinner of Central Suffolk Branches
26         EFPIA (Pharmaceutical) Conference, Athens
29         Suffolk Show, Ipswich
            Biofuels Meeting with Gillian Shepherd MP, Norwich
            Norfolk Network Launch, Norwich
13 June East of England Show, Peterborough
            Speaking at Bungay Dinner
16-17    EU:Georgia PCC Meeting, Brussels
20         Norwich & King's Lynn EUW Summer Supper
28         Speaking at Beds EUW Dinner   




May - Dec 2002

18 Oct Brentwood & Ongar Dinner

11 Oct Hosted SME Conference, Stansted

7-10 Oct Party Conference, Bournemouth

4 Oct Addressed Health Conference, Gdansk

27 Sep Felixstowe Port meeting with Suffolk CC

26 Sep Addressed Faith Conference,Strasbourg

22 Sep Countryside Alliance March, London

21 Sep Campaigning for Charles Rose, Bedford

14 Sep Norwich South & Mid Norfolk Ball

13 Sep Rochford & Southend Dinner with IDS

7 Sep Parliament Delegation visit to Armenia

30 Aug Anglian Farmers, Easton College, Norwich

24 Aug S. Norfolk Cons. Golden Jubilee Ball  

18 July Norfolk Millennium Library & Sandringham  

13 July Saffron Walden Cons. Association BBQ  

12 July Bedfordshire County Council Reception

12 July Canvassing for Ipswich By-election  

10 July Access EU Funding Conference, Brome  

7 July N. Norfolk Cons. Assoc. Summer Fair

6 July Braintree Conservative Association BBQ

5 July Norwich North Cons. Association AGM  

29 June N. Norfolk District Council Civic Event  

26 June Royal Norfolk Agricultural Show   


23 June Annual Civic Service, Sudbury  


21 June Addressed Huntingdon CWC Meeting

9 June Essex Jubilee Service, Chelmsford

7 June Visit to Copdock & Suffolk Show

4 June Pharmacy Conference in Brussels

3 June Pharmacy Conference in Paris

28-30 May EUW Visitors Group in Brussels

24 May Meeting with Essex County Councillors

20 May Parliamentary Dinner with John Major

18 May Visit - Native Yacht Company, Brundall.

17 May Postwick Current Affairs Evening.  

17 May Visit to Norwich Bio-Incubator

10 May Visit to Local Businesses in Kings Lynn


Oct 01 - Apr 02

26 Apr Parliament Visit in Tbilisi, Georgia 

23 Apr Met EUW Branch Chairmen

22 Apr Met Chief Executives of CBI & Boots

20 Apr Election Campaign, Waveney

16 Apr Met Southend County Councillors  

15 Apr Met UK Tobacco Industry Executives

12Apr: Hoveton & Stalham Branch AGM  

10Apr: Constituents visit Strasbourg EP

5Apr: Capel St. Mary & Hadleigh Branch AGM  

21Mar: Downham Market College visit to EP

19Mar:UN Development Conference, Mexico

8Mar: Addressed South Norfolk CA AGM

5Mar: Foreign Office visit (Morocco & Tunisia)  

4Mar: E.Region Cons.Women AGM

1Mar: Horning Branch lunch  

28Feb: Norfolk & Suffolk Area Dinner

22Feb: W.Suffolk Ladies Forum, Barningham  

19Feb: FCN Panel: farmers in Mendlesham

19Feb: Woodbridge Women Group  

13-15Feb: ACP-Conference - Nairobi, Kenya  

01Feb: CPF Group of Bury Cons.Assoc.

25Jan: East of England Panel, Swaffham

24Jan: Presented my Parliament Report on   EU: India co-operation to Industry Committee

Meeting with 6 Indian MPs in Brussels

21Jan: House of Commons Select Cttee

12-17Jan: Visit to Egypt & Saudi Arabia

08Jan: Met Jack Straw MP at Foreign Office  

07Dec: Conservative Future, W.Chelmsford  

07Dec: EUW Meeting, Huntingdon

30Nov: Mid Norfolk CA Rendham branch  

30Nov: Farm in Thetford & Mtg in Diss.

30Nov: Marshals Workshop in Cambridge.  

23Nov: S. Norfolk CA Annual Dinner

23Nov: Eastern Region Media in Cambridge

18-21Nov: EU-Africa Conference, Ghana.  

13-16Nov: AIDS Conference, South Africa.

10Nov: addressed opening of Mosque, Bedford.  

9Nov: addressed South West Norfolk CA.  

3Nov: Norfolk/Suffolk Seminar, Diss.  

31Oct: Westminster: Asian Achievers Awards.

29Oct - 1Nov: ACP-EU Conference.

19Oct: addressed members of Creaks Branch.

12Oct: addressed Mid Norfolk CWC.  

9-10Oct: Tory Party Conference, Blackpool.


Jul 1999-Sept 2001

·       Regular meetings with farmers, fishermen and environmentalists.

·       Regular contact with industries, small businesses and their representatives.

·       Regular meetings with Local Authorities and Regional organisations.

·       Visits to ACP countries to evaluate the quality and efficacy of EU aid: Haiti and Dominican Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Burkina Fasso, Tanzania, Mauritania.

·       Visits to East European countries applying to join the EU: Slovakia & Lativia.

·       Visits to Local Government Authorities in Trieste (Italy) & Marbella (Spain) to assess how they succeed in securing EU funding.

·       Addressed Industry & International Conferences:-

o      Maastricht: Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union (PGEU)

o      Brussels: European Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (GIRP)

o      Brussels: World Round Table Conference on "Communicable Infectious Diseases: HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis & Malaria".

o      Spoken in Parliament on: Mismanagement, fraud & corruption in the EU especially in the Commission, Agriculture, & the European Investment Bank; Genocide in Rwanda & Burundi; Zimbabwe; Mauritania; Haiti; EU and Turkey; EU and Palestine; lack of accountability and transparency of EU aid to third world countries.

·       My persistent criticism, in the European Parliament and its Committee on Budgetary Control, of the European Investment Bank’s mismanagement and cover up of fraud (EIB) was widely reported in British and Continental Press.  This forced the European Commission to take the EIB to the European Court!

·       My report on the European Coal and Steel Community recommended that its non-performing and inefficient investment department be wound up.  This report was approved unanimously.

·       My report on the European Community Investment Partners identified the weaknesses inherent in the programme. Results on the ground were poor because many joint ventures had failed to repay loans and/or complete the projects. I proposed that the scheme be wound up. My Report, subsequently presented by my colleagues, was approved unanimously.

·       I had extensive discussions with Mr. Duisenberg (President of the European Central Bank) and the Boards of the EIB and the EBRD to establish the framework for assessing their efficacy and public accountability.

·       My fact-finding visit to Tanzania uncovered numerous financial discrepancies in the EU aid programme that resulted in the EU giving $1 million to the Tanzania Government Anti-Corruption Squad and forced the Development Commissioner Mr. Nielsen to actually visit Tanzania – no Development Commissioner had been to Tanzania for almost 10 years.

·       I challenged the EPP-ED policy on Africa formulated by the Dutch, Belgians and Germans and have managed to introduce changes that reflect the interests of the UK.  Regionalisation, help to SMEs in supporting rural economies and aid for self-reliance were themes I promoted and they have been incorporated by the Presidency of the ACP in their report.

·       I led a small delegation to Iraq and met Tariq Aziz, his Ministers, UN, WHO, NGOs, provate businessmen and the civil society.  My report was the basis of my Resolution debated in the European Parliament in July 2000 and it was approved by a very large majority.

·       My European Parliament Report on “Combating Communicable Infectious Diseases: HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria” is based on extensive consultation with fellow MEPs from all political groups, donor governments and international agencies, NGOs, governments of developing countries and the pharmaceutical industry.  It is the blue print for a global strategy adopted by the EU, the UN, WHO, Governments of the G8 & developing countries.

·       I have been appointed Rapporteur for the European Parliament's major Report on Developing Rural Economies in Developing Countries. I chaired the Working Group for the ACP:EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (Gabon) on this subject and hope to continue developing practical ways to help the poorest to use their country’s resources to be self-sufficient.

·       I was invited by the Government of Mauritania to lead a delegation of MEPs to assess how the EU can help SMEs in Mauritania.

·       I have been invited to advise on how the EU can help establish peace and economic development in the Middle East.


Eastern Region Report 2001

I have taken an active part in the European Parliament's Committees: Budgetary Control (1999-2000), Industry & External Trade (1999 - to date) and in International Cooperation & Development (1999 - to date).

My persistent exposure in the media of the alleged fraud, corruption and mismanagement of the European Investment Bank (EIB) forced the European Commission to take the EIB to the European Court where they will be required to open their books to the Court of Auditors and the European Inspectorate (OLAF). I also challenged the EIB´s investment policy as it did not offer many loans to UK businesses. Since then the EIB has given substantial loans to businesses in the UK including the Eastern Region.

I have played my part in helping to secure the full share of EU funding for the Eastern Region despite the fact that our region has higher per capita income and lower unemployment than most other regions in the EU. Eu funding has been secured for: The Outer Harbour in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft, Breckland, Broads Authority, Eastern Dock in Ipswich, Peterborough and coastal erosion in Norfolk & Suffolk. My Newsletters regularly include the websites for accessing EU funding, EU contracts and tenders so that our businesses, voluntary organisations and other interested parties can secure appropriate benefit.

The EU´s plan to allow unlimited access to the EU market for sugar threatened sugar beet farmers in our region. Over a hundred farmers and related businesses wrote to me. In collaboration with my colleagues, I challenged the European Commissioner for Trade (Mr. Lamy) and secured a change in policy so that there will be a fair transition period for our farmers.

Similarly, I continue to fight for compensation for British farmers suffering from slaughter of their livestock as a result of BSE and Foot & Mouth diseases. Appropriate financial help from the EU has been secured but our Government needs to do more for the farmers I have also challenged the European Commission Fisheries Policy and I am delighted that some compensation is at last being paid to our fishermen.

Many small and medium sized businesses in Eastern Region have sought my help in securing:-

a) compensation from European companies

b) return of goods seized unlawfully by European customs

c) information on EU funding.

More than 200 constituents have already visited me in Strasbourg to see the work of the European Parliament. I have arranged two further trips in 2002, subsidised by the EU, one to Strasbourg (April 7-11) and another to Brussels (May28-31). I welcome any constituent to apply to come on any of these two trips.