Europe Jun98:  Speech delivered to the Eastern Region Euro Constituency final selection meeting on 13th June, 98 at 11.00 a.m. at Newmarket.


Churchill, in 1930, said:-  “We are with Europe but  not of it. We are linked, but not comprised. We are interested and associated, but not absorbed.

In 1948, he said:-  “If Europe, united, is to be a living force, Britain will have to play a full part, as a member of the European family.”

Today, most of us, would agree with Churchill, about Britain’s role in Europe. 

People, here and in Europe, need economic prosperity, based on low inflation. They need stable jobs, and a measure of social welfare. They need peace, in their country, in the EU and beyond.

The EU, cannot achieve these, by forging overnight, a political union.

It can succeed - by evolving, as a trading community of nations. Harmony and understanding, between nations, based on diversity of each, offer a better way forward, for Europe in the 21st century!


Britain is a trading nation. For our trade, the Far Eastern countries, or the Commonwealth, cannot take the place of the EU, because:- 

A)                Our EU trade, constituting 60% of our total trade, is growing faster than with other countries.

B)                 Our EU trade, helps us, secure business elsewhere in the world.     

It is our European trade, which attracts Japanese and American investors to Britain. Clearly, trade with Europe is vital for our jobs and prosperity.


Today, we are facing major constitutional change in the United Kingdom.

A new, power sharing assembly in Northern Ireland, this year, a new Parliament, with tax-raising powers in Scotland, next year, reform of the House of Lords, proportional representation, for EU elections, and maybe, for Westminster too!

These reforms, challenge and undermine, our long-cherished assumptions, about the role of our national government, and British identity. 

A decentralised Britain, will weaken Westminster, and reduce the influence of Conservatives, in Parliament. Britain, like others in Europe, will end up with a coalition government, with the Liberals, holding the balance of power!

Already, the lines of authority, between Brussels and Westminster, are blurred. There is a voluntary redistribution of power, through committees of national experts, who devise blueprints for change, and who, with the blessing of the Council of Ministers, “run” Europe.

Smaller countries, such as Ireland and Finland, benefiting financially at our expense, do not hesitate to embrace everything the EU offers.

Gordon Brown, has committed Britain, in principle, to the Euro, without securing a seat, at the top table of the European Central Bank! Such commitment, has devalued the promised referendum, on the pound.

The tills in the bars at Westminster, are being changed, to receive the Euro!  British companies like ICI, and Marks & Spencer, will conduct business in the Euro. The Inland Revenue, will accept income tax returns, calculated in the Euro.

Britain today, is paralysed, by doubt and lack of action. Britain tomorrow – with Blair and Brown calling the tune, at Westminster, - will abandon the pound, thereby, drowning Conservative concerns, about the nationhood of Britain!


11, out of 15 members of the EU, excluding Britain, will adopt the Euro next year. The GDP of this Euro-zone is  $6300bn, compared to $8000 of US, $4000bn of Japan and a mere $1000bn of the UK.

Financial markets change fast, making predictions difficult. Nobody, can predict how the Euro will fare. If it collapses, our trade, will suffer badly. Thousands will lose their jobs. There will be a recession in Europe, and beyond.

On the other hand, a successful capital market, in the Euro-zone, will bring liquidity, and investment to these 11 countries. Lack of exchange rate risk, will allow American and Japanese investors, to switch from Sterling in London, to Euro-deposits on the continent.

Already, the German Exchange, DTB,(Deutsche Terminborse), based in Frankfurt, has taken away, from London, substantial business in futures.

European central bankers are promoting the switch, from LIBOR to EURIBOR, taking away even more business from London. Next year, the world’s central banks will adopt the Euro, as their reserve currency, leaving Sterling to wither.

In just six weeks, since the 11 countries signed the agreement, to adopt the Euro, Sterling has lost 8% of its value, against the DM, and more is to come! The value of Sterling, against the Euro, is determined, not by us, but by the European Central Bank – a bank - led by a Dutchman, controlled by a Franco-German syndicate, and in which, we have no say!

London’s role, as the financial centre of Europe, will diminish. Foreign investment in Britain, will shrink, affecting badly, employment in our industry.

Conservatives in Europe, must insist, that Britain, is at the top table, of the European Central Bank. Our partners in Europe, must not lock us out! We must lead, in formulating policy, promoting our priorities, values and aspirations. We must be ready to exercise, any option, in our interest. I believe, this is the Conservative way forward, to take Britain, to the top of Europe’s, Economic Premier League!

Like most of us here today, I am against, a federal Europe – concocted by ambitious French and German politicians, supported by a group of, easily bullied small nations, and administered, by faceless men in Brussels.

Last year, the British public rejected us, because, we were openly divided on Europe. If victory, is to be ours in future, we must stop, fighting each other, stop, feeding the media, with our different views, and stand together, as a united Party.

Let us play our full part, as Churchill said, and develop the EU- as a community of nations –a community which promotes trade, not political union; a community which respects, the national diversity of member states; a community which seeks enlargement, to spread prosperity throughout Europe.

Let us, imprint and emboss this hallmark, of Conservative values, on EU development, so that, all of us can benefit from Europe.

All of you here today, represent the grassroots of our Party in Eastern Region. You stand on the doorsteps, irrespective of the weather. You take the political pulse of our people. You know how they feel. Therefore, you have a right to be consulted, and to be involved, – not once every 5 years, at election time - but on a regular basis. I look forward, if selected, to strengthen this bond of common purpose.

For Eastern Region, I am determined, to rattle the bureaucrats in Brussels, to secure funding for our roads: the A11, A12 and A47. I shall fight hard, for our agriculture and tourism, which must also benefit, from EU aid. 

The opportunity to serve, is a challenge for me, not a perk! My commercial experience in Europe, coupled with the determination, to fight hard, will, I promise you, ensure a Conservative victory for our Party, our Region, and our Country!

Thank you.