Solve Zimbabwe issue Oct03

A Conservative MEP has rejected the suggestion that the Zimbabwe problem is an issue for the UK alone. The dispute arose at this week's ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly (JPA) in Rome during a debate on the recent fact-finding mission to Zimbabwe. The mission aimed to resolve the deadlock between EU and ACP countries over Zimbabwe following the cancellation of last year's JPA in Brussels.


Bashir Khanbhai MEP, Conservative Spokesman for ACP said:


" The Zimbabwe issue is not just a problem for the UK. Zimbabwe's record of poor governance, lack of democracy, denial of human rights and confiscation of land without due process of law, makes it a problem for the entire world.


"While the ACP fact-finding mission was a step in the right direction, delegates were presented with an incomplete picture. A future joint ACP-EU mission must be guaranteed freedom of movement and freedom to publish its findings both in Zimbabwe and abroad.


"The mission must have clear terms of reference assessing the state of parliamentary democracy, the level of personal freedom, the independence of the media and the judiciary and the problem of agrarian reform, including the illegal confiscation of land without compensation.


"It is now up to the government of Zimbabwe to accept this challenge and allow the EU to offer meaningful help to solve the problem of Zimbabwe once and for all."