Praise for UEA School of Pharmacy Oct03

This week, Bashir Khanbhai, Tory MEP for Norfolk and Suffolk, addressed students and lecturers at the University of East Anglia's new School of Pharmacy in Norwich. Last month, the UEA opened its doors to its first intake of 72 undergraduates signed up to the new four-year master of pharmacy degree.


Mr. Khanbhai, a pharmacist with over thirty years experience in the healthcare industry and now a Member of the European Parliament, welcomed the decision by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society to open the school of pharmacy which is currently the only one in the six counties of Eastern Region.


Speaking from the UEA, Mr Khanbhai said:


"This is the first time in thirty years that the Society has approved a new school of pharmacy in the UK and I am delighted that Norwich has been chosen for this honour.


"The East of England currently has the highest vacancy rate for pharmacists across the United Kingdom and I hope this new degree course will help to address the acute shortage.


"The pharmacy school is headed by a young and energetic team and I am sure that alongside the medical school it will bring added distinction to the UEA, which already has a very strong academic reputation in both science and health disciplines."


Mr Khanbhai spoke on a variety of issues, including his involvement in the current review of EU Pharmaceuticals Regulation, the future of the pharmaceutical industry after enlargement of the European Union and the pricing of cheap drugs for developing countries.