Parma Drama May03


Local Euro MP, Bashir Khanbhai, has condemned the European Court of Justice ruling that prevents Asda stores in the UK from selling Parma Ham that has been sliced and packaged in the UK.


The case brought against Asda by a consortium of Italian Parma Ham producers will mean that despite the ham being bought from the Parma region in Italy, it will not be allowed to be sold as 'Parma ham' as it has been sliced and packaged elsewhere.


The judge acknowledged that the move would amount to a breach of the EU rules on the free movement of goods, but decided to make an exception in this case.


Speaking from Brussels, Bashir Khanbhai MEP said:


"This case is not about protecting a Product of Domestic Origin as the ham in question originates from the Parma region. The fact that it is sliced and packaged in the UK makes no difference to its authenticity. 


Only the EU could make such a pig's ear of its packaging policy."