Lunch at the Lords Feb03

Bashir Khanbhai, MEP for Eastern region, took two Norfolk teachers for lunch at the House of Lords yesterday. The lunch for two, offered by Mr Khanbhai, was bought in an "Auction of Promises" by local teacher, Jane Maguire, as part of a North Walsham High School Fundraiser last year.

Ms Maguire, a teacher of German and French for 15 years, is a "Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator"  in charge of a programme for North Walsham High's most able students. She is also the school's Publicity Officer and advises the Student Council. Ms Maguire was accompanied by Mr. Chris Tooth, Assistant Head of North Walsham High.

The auction raised 2000 in total which will go to help the school achieve specialist school status in the area of performing arts. The House of Lords lunch, which raised 60, provided the opportunity for Mr Khanbhai and the two members of North Walsham School's staff to discuss education policies, the promotion of modern languages in British schools and increasing the involvement of pupils in European politics.