Kinnock time-wasting Oct03

Glenys Kinnock MEP has been accused of time wasting during crucial meetings of the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly in Rome by pushing for discussions on the budgetisation of the European Development Fund (EDF).


Bashir Khanbhai MEP, Conservative ACP Spokesman in the European Parliament, said:


"Irrespective of the merits of bringing the European Development Fund under the control of the European Parliament, these talks should be used to address the critical issues facing ACP countries and not the personal political agenda of Mrs Kinnock.


We must set a strategy for the development of vital infrastructure in these countries in order to encourage diverse economies and promote growth.  Self-reliance is the key to solving the problems of the poor.


The budgetisation of the EDF is an issue which is certain to be met with strong opposition from Member States and one which should be discussed in Brussels, not when there are more important matters on the agenda."