Farmers debate GM issue with region's scientists Jun03


Bashir Khanbhai, Conservative Euro MP for the East of England, hosted a Biotechnology in Agriculture seminar at the John Innes Centre in Norwich to give farmers and members of the general public an opportunity to question a panel of leading experts on the science of GMOs.


The panel was made up of scientists from the region's leading academic and research institutions including the British Society of Plant Breeders, NFU, Broom's Barn Research Station, the John Innes Centre and the University of Cambridge. The event was attended by over 80 delegates, including conventional and organic farmers, environmentalists and members of the general public.


Commenting on the debate, Mr Khanbhai said:


"This is a highly emotive subject, yet the debate produced a successful and informative discussion and both participants and panellists left with a better understanding of the issues associated with the introduction of GM technology into farming.


"One thing remains clear however - there are many misconceptions on both sides of the debate and these will persist until the Government provides farmers and consumers with more information based on science and the experience of farmers in countries outside Europe so that they can make informed decisions on the subject of GMOs."



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