Victory for EU Pharma Dec03

The European Parliament in Strasbourg has today reached a final agreement on reform of the EU's Pharmaceutical Legislation.


Bashir Khanbhai, Conservative MEP for the East of England and a pharmacist with over 30 years experience in the industry, has been a key member involved in formulating the legislation.


Speaking from Strasbourg he welcomed the victory:


"After two years of hard negotiations with the European Commission, Council, and Members of the European Parliament, we have finally reached an agreement which satisfies all stakeholders. The revised legislation serves the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, wholesalers, hospitals, retail pharmacies and, most importantly, patients. It will strengthen healthcare systems across the EU and encourage an improvement in standards in the accession countries.


"The EU pharmaceutical industry employs thousands of people, including many in the East of England and I have been fighting to protect their interests. For example, wholesalers located in our Region, who require an uninterrupted supply of life saving medicines to pass on to pharmacies, hospitals and patients, have recently suffered restricted access to these essential drugs. My amendments to the legislative text, adopted unanimously by the Parliament today, will prevent this problem from occurring in future by ensuring a continued supply from manufacturers to wholesalers."


Mr Khanbhai added: "We must formulate appropriate legislation that will offer quality, safety and flexibility for health care delivery systems in different Member States. Today's decision ensures the best deal for patients, the healthcare industry and taxpayers in the East of England."