Newsletter from Europe 09/00
Bashir Khanbhai MEP
(Norfolk and Suffolk)




Denmark has its referendum on the Euro on the 28th September. The Danish people will decide whether they wish to abandon their national currency in favour of the Euro.

When will Blair’s New Labour offer the British public the same democratic choice? Why should our industries and businesses be subject to uncertainty in their wish to invest in Britain over this issue? Will Blair panic into action against threats from foreign investors or currency speculators?

Blair should offer us a Referendum on the Euro before the next General Election. He must state his position now so that there is a public debate forcing each political party to state clearly where they stand!



I have challenged German State legislation that threatens a list of British dog breeds such as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Terrier, Bullmastiff, Old English Mastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff and Rhodesian Ridgeback.

These dog breeds are well known, liked and established in Britain and Europe. They are not considered as 'fighting dogs' or a threat to public safety.

I am concerned that unilateral action by certain German States (Landers) could persuade the European Commission to propose a European Directive affecting the right of British people to have these dogs as their pets. It would affect British breeders from offering such breeds to the many Europeans throughout the 15 Member States, including Germany, who would like these dogs as their beloved pets!



Remember the first heart transplant by Professor Bernard in South Africa in 1967? There was public uproar, fear and concern. Today, organ transplants are saving thousands of lives and giving joy and happiness to those affected.

Scientists in Britain have been given strict guidelines to use stem cell cloning in their research to develop treatment for incurable killer diseases such as Parkinson’s disease and cancer. Nobody advocates or supports human cloning. However, we cannot logically deny those who suffer from such incurable diseases the possibility of treatment based on science that neither threatens our morality nor our religious conviction.

I have urged the European Parliament to have a comprehensive debate on the subject of cloning. Sadly, the European Parliament will discuss it under the Urgency Debate where a small number of MEPs make 2 or 3 minute speeches to catch national newspaper headlines or impress religious lobbies.



In developing countries, these three diseases severely limit human development. World wide, they cause deaths of more than 5 million people each year depriving poor nations of their skilled workers.

I have consistently advocated that prevention and treatment of malaria should be as important as the fight against HIV/AIDS. The European Commission, the UN and WHO have finally accepted this view.

The European Commission, collaborating with WHO and the UN, has invited me to an International Conference of 130 experts to formulate a new policy to:-

a)      maximise access & use of existing interventions

b)      increase affordability of pharmaceuticals through a comprehensive global approach

c)      invest in research & development to produce affordable vaccines





Should the last owner pay for disposal or should the manufacturer be responsible for recycling including the treatment of heavy metals in the scrapped car? The EU will propose that the final owners have a right to deliver the vehicle to a treatment facility without cost. Manufacturers will, in future, be required to take on a significant part of the cost of dismantling and recycling end of life vehicles. This regulation will apply to all vehicles placed on the market after 1st July 2002. For existing vehicles the regulations will apply from 1st January 2007.Cars put on the market after 1st July 2003 will not contain heavy metals such as cadmium and lead. Vintage cars are exempt from the scope of this directive 


European audio-visual industry in the digital age must compete globally. It should guarantee pluralism, linguistic and cultural diversity. Consumers must have free choice and easy access to networks and content. Regulations for “television without frontiers” must incorporate protection for minors by application of programme filtering technology allowing parental control. 



1. The Norfolk Wage Subsidy Scheme helped businesses that could not otherwise afford to take on new employees.

2. Learning centres have been funded in Fakenham, Watton, Downham Market and Weeting enabling local people to maximise learning and development opportunities.

3. The Fens Access Project aimed to develop and promote a network of routes in the Fens area for walking, cycling and horse riding supporting local businesses and tourism. 


1. Development of four purpose-built local learning centres in the market towns of Eye, Stradbroke, Framlingham & Bungay attracted £600,000 of European Funding. This has provided opportunities for high quality learning and business support to the rural communities.

2. The Lowestoft Yacht Basin Marina Development attracted £1.2m of European Funding benefiting the whole area.

3. The Suffolk Business Support Package, attracting £1.5m, helped provide grants for SMEs for capital equipment, research and development as well as professional advice and funding for setting up co-operatives and hundreds of small community businesses.


Julie organised my Westminster and European election campaigns brilliantly. She is visiting Brussels and has helped draft this Newsletter. Thanks Julie!


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