Football Contracts and EC Oct00


Players are usually advised by their lawyers when they enter into any formal contract of employment with a club they wish to play for. Both the player and the club are fully conversant with the terms of contract and there is no question of exploitation through ill practice during the course of such employment. Such contracts are fully recognised as valid within the legal framework of Member States of the EU.

Therefore, it is unacceptable that the European Commission should even attempt to interfere with such practice. I do not support the European Commission in this respect and will do my best to oppose such proposal for EU legislation.

In the event that such a contract is terminated by mutual agreement then it is upto the parties affected to enter into any new arrangement leading to a new contract, including transfer of a player from one club to another. Such practice has been accepted as legal in all EU Member States.

It is unacceptable that the European Commission wishes to interfere in this respect. 

I shall oppose any move by the European Commission to change existing practice that is legal and has the overwhelming support of players and clubs.